A Comic A Day in May – Day 8: Cognition #0

Photo 08-05-2016, 23 21 44

Ken Reynolds recently ran a successful Kickstarter to make sure his creation, Cognition, saw print and after joining the list of backers I take a look at the world he’s brought us.

Billed as a “supernatural-noir-adventure” it promised to bring us a dark world with a steam-powered automaton inhabited by a human spirit and a demonically possessed mouse taking centre stage.  The resulting three stories are definitely on the darker side as our two central characters fight the good fight as part of the British Occult Secret Service (B.O.S.S.) that keep us all safe from things lurking in the shadows.

Photo 08-05-2016, 23 41 43

Grim evil rears it’s head but our saviours battle these back from whence they came and Ken does a great job at keeping things moving along although it does drop you in the midst of what’s happening with out much explanation which felt jarring at first.  That being said, if you give into the flow you’ll get a great deal out of this issue #0 release.

Photo 08-05-2016, 23 42 19

Sam Bentley on art does a phenomenal job as the detail has edges of Jae Lee in there and he captures the themes well with some beautifully dark panels & pages that seem to crackle with the sense of mystery you get in old black and white movies.  Great work from the team involved and hopefully we’ll get more of Cognition sometime soon.

You can keep up to date with what’s happening next in Cognition over on the Facebook & Twitter pages.



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