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Sosmonaut the Cosmonaut #1 – 3

Some titles just grab your attention from the first glimpse at the cover and Sosmonaut the Cosmonaut from Panels Comics seems to have fit that description for me.

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G-Man talks to Mike Lynch

It feels like I’ve been reading Mike Lynch’s comics forever and with the likes of Nestor, Blackstar, Lynch Mob and more recently Salvage all impressing – we were long overdue a catch-up with some comic questions.

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Killtopia Kickstarter Interview

Card Shark Comics have already impressed enough people with titles like Bust & Vessels but their newest release Killtopia has an amazing buzz and expectation around it.  Up steps the writer/artist combo of Dave Cook & Craig Paton and with the initial glimpse at the style & feel of the book……it looks like they could well exceed everyone’s hopes in hitting new heights in the indie comic world.  What better time to fire some questions their way??

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