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Lizard Men interview with Steven Horry

Lizard Men by Steven Horry has already impressed with its first two issues and with the third issue hitting Kickstarter, it seemed like the right time to grill him about what’s happened so far & what he has planned for the remainder of the 6-issue run.

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An ElectroMagnetic Interview with Colin Maxwell

Colin Maxwell is the mastermind behind Maximized Comics and as his latest release sees him step into the world of Steampunk, it seemed like an ideal time to shine that steam-powered lamp in his face for some fun old-fashioned questions 😀

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 26: Skies of Fire #4

I initially stumbled across Skies of Fire from Mythopoeia through Kickstarter and after falling in love with the first 3 issues I was glad to see the latest issue become available again last year.

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