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G-Man talks to Colin Maxwell about Raid on the Forth

The 80th anniversary of the first air raid of World War Two that took place in Britain is just around the corner and with a comic-book retelling of those events being produced by creator Colin Maxwell, I took the chance to catch-up with him about the history, the comic & the Defend Fife World War Two Festival it’s being released at.

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G-Man talks to William Hazle about Ailsa Dark

Terrier Comics already impressed with their Tales of Mystery and Imagination but they stepped that up with the first issue of Ailsa Dark and with a funding campaign prepped to start for the second issue it seemed like just the right time to catch-up with creator & founder William Hazle. Continue reading

Stand in Your Power

Rachael Smith’s titles seem to have made a regular appearance on my review & recommend list (check out I Am Fire, House Party, The Rabbit & Wired Up Wrong) so it made sense that I’d jump at the chance to read her latest release – Stand in Your Power.

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 30: Morgan’s Organs #1 & 2

Daniel Brodie’s Morgan’s Organs started life as an idea for a TV show but in order to bring it to life he changed his focus to converting it into his own comic project……time to delve inside the human body!!

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