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Lizard Men #3 & #4 (Advanced Review)

Steven Horry’s Lizard Men has just hit Kickstarter for the second half of its 6-issue run and just as I was due a catch-up on the third issue……I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advanced copy of issue #4.  Cue the excitement and cue the double-review shenanigans.

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G-Man talks to Lyndon White about Candles

Lyndon White is a creator/artist that’s impressed on every project he’s been involved with and his latest solo project hit the campaign trail through Unbound just last month……so it was time to fire some questions his way.

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Our Final Halloween

Comic book duo Mike Garley & Michael Lee-Graham have melded their comic book minds together to bring us the ominously titled, Our Final Halloween, and with their Kickstarter running alongside the countdown to the day of horror, I was lucky enough to get an early look at their digital creation.

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An ElectroMagnetic Interview with Colin Maxwell

Colin Maxwell is the mastermind behind Maximized Comics and as his latest release sees him step into the world of Steampunk, it seemed like an ideal time to shine that steam-powered lamp in his face for some fun old-fashioned questions 😀

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