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G-Man talks with Letty Wilson & Erin Keepers of Panels Comics

After catching up on the first two issues of the phenomenal Cosmic I jumped at the chance to catchup with it’s creators and Panels Comics members – Letty Wilson & Erin Keepers.

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Alex Automatic: Bokeh’s Machine

The first issue of Fraser Campbell’s Alex Automatic was something of a revelation as it introduced a frantic & fresh take on the spy genre so it’s no surprise that I was suitably hyped to see it smash through its recent Kickstarter and ensure that a second issue would hit print.

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G-Man talks to the Vampires Everywhere team

Cult Empire Comics have already impressed with their Vietnam Zombie Holocaust & Horror Show but they’ve taken on some old school horror with their latest release Vampires Everywhere and I got the chance to chat with the whole team behind it.

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G-Man talks to Martin Flink

Creator/writer/artist Martin Flink already impressed with his previous books The Man of Glass & The Troll and later this month he’ll attend his first UK convention as he debuts his newest Accent UK release at the Thought Bubble event in Leeds……..so what better time to catch-up with Martin for some questions??

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Card Shark Comics double review – Bust #3 & Vessels #2

Card Shark Comics’ head honcho Dave Cook recently hit us with not one but two releases following successful Kickstarter campaigns for them both and with already impressive starts to both expectations were high.

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