A Comic A Day in May – Day 21: The Adventures of Pup & Grumpicorn

Emily Owen & Gavin Mitchell put their creative heads together to bring us the crazy world of Pup & Grumpicorn and it’s fair to say that a glimpse of the cover was more than enough to convince me to jump on-board their recent Kickstarter.

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 19: Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage

Rob Jones & Mike Sambrook already have already released two impressive issues of their Griff Gristle creation into the world and getting an early look at the third issue was something I just HAD to jump on-board with.

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 14: Rumble Kings #1

The first issue of Rumble Kings from creator Ryan Cummins introduced his own futuristic dystopia following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year under the banner of the Skeletal Press collective of creators. Continue reading

A Comic A Day in May – Day 13: Merrick The Sensational Elephantman #7 & 8

Writer Tom Ward & artist Luke Parker have always impressed with their Merrick title but with a new two-pat arc released of the main title after a one-shot and a crossover it was about time I paid the title a visit again………cue the Elephantman!

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 12: Gateway City Volume 1

The first volume of Russell Mark Olsen’s Gateway City collects the opening four issues of his series and a pulp series with a sci-fi edge to it seemed to tick far too many boxes associated to some of my favourite things to risk missing out……feverish reading & re-reading is GO!!!

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