Lizard Men interview with Steven Horry

Lizard Men by Steven Horry has already impressed with its first two issues and with the third issue hitting Kickstarter, it seemed like the right time to grill him about what’s happened so far & what he has planned for the remainder of the 6-issue run.

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Kickstarter Korner – Lizard Men #2

After being suitably impressed by the first issue of Lizard Men from Comichaus it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I’d be scrambling to back the latest campaign to get my hands on more PLUS it’s a chance for everyone else to catchup on the first two issues.

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Sliced Quarterly #1-4 and Kickstarter


Editor Ken Reynolds kicked off a new title that would see him put together a mix of creators that could take on a new challenge he had set out.

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