Cognition #4

The latest issue of Cognition sees Ken Reynolds & Sam Bentley bring the first arc to a close and with those previous issues (#0, #1, #2 & #3) going from strength to strength, my hopes were high for this one.

Cal & Sigma from the British Occult Secret Service (B.O.S.S.) have edged closer & closer to solving their latest big case and with the leads building up a momentum behind them its clear that this could well be the first of many cases for the unlikely duo.

There are dark forces at work as the cult & monsters start to reveal the final endgame and much like the journey through the issues so far, Ken is much more content to make you think you know what’s happening before flipping things on their head.  The surprises keep coming and while this eases to a conclusion there’s the air of this being just the beginning for a series that’s seen it’s fan base grow in-line with its evident quality.

Sam adds the expected layer of detail and shadowy style that throws light on the darkness to let the story shine from the core outwards and the creative duo seem to have started at a high level of quality before building on that foundation to produce a title that’s got mainstream written all over it.  There’s a nice touch at the end of this issue with a back-up story that adds to that glimmer of hope for more to come with guest artist Adam Jakes bringing his own touches to an established indie universe with ease.

Five issues in and it feels like there is SOOO much more that this creation (& it’s creators) have to give as a great set of characters in a cracking new universe have become like old friends in the space of just a few issues.  With that level of quality and with the potential busting out of every panel there’s sure to be more of this on the way.

You can keep updated with all the Cognition news through the Facebook & Twitter pages and the issues released so far are available through the Comichaus app.



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