A Comic A Day in May – Day 7: Flintlock Book One

FlintLock Book One

Steve Tanner brings us a new anthology focusing on some new characters he’s created for his stories set in the 18th Century and after a phenomenal response to his Kickstarter, the order of the day is adventure.

Steve’s three tales in this opening issue features Lady Flintlock, Shanti – The Pirate Queen & The Clockwork Cavalier (a stretch goal addition) as they kickoff their adventures from the wider Flintlock Universe.  The first story sees Steve joined by artist Anthony Summey in what turns out to be a strong, female-lead story where a highway-women takes centre stage as she robs from the rich as they band together and try to disrupt her money-generating spree.  Facing off against the biggest henchmen money can buy seems to be no problem for her though and while the twist of her true identity may not come as a shock…….it’s still a refreshing take on a tried & tested tale.


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Second story in the mix with art from Lorenzo Nicoletta sees the latest pirate attack take place on the high seas eagerly lead by another strong female character in Shanti.  Ruthless and unflinching she has the air of power about her and Steve manages to usher in a typically cutthroat outlook for this new character to follow.  The third and final story sees Ed Machiavello usher in a steam-punk element into a story about an automaton cavalier taking the sword to the local crime ring and his soulless figure doesn’t hold back in making sure that everything is taken care of quickly.

All three stories are well suited and the mix of artists works well together as they help things fit together to create an impressive whole.  Bolt-01 adds the lettering throughout and that alone helps tie these together as the 18th Century sensibilities mix with a strong sense of equality in their female characters and a futuristic element in that steampunk theme that appears.  Art wise the black & white depiction of all stories keeps a strong level of consistency and the end result is a rip-roaring momentum that Steve manages to harness with great ease.  A new universe to get lost in with some great characters that deserve a world developing around them…..great stuff.

The book launched at the recent Birmingham Comics Festival and you can catchup with Steve at MCM London later in May, Cardiff Comic Expo in June, MCM Manchester in July & Bristol Comic Expo in August.  You can also keep up to date with Flintlock over on the Time Bomb Comics website and on the Flintlock Facebook page.



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