Comics Anonymous started back in August 2011 to coincide with the DC’s New 52 reboot & after reviewing every issue #1…….things never really stopped.  Initially starting as a group it soon became my own outlet for the passion I have for all things associated to comics – the issues themselves, the movies they inspire & the Comic Cons that make the creator’s, artists & writers all the more accessible to a fan from Glasgow.  While the big publishers still make up my pull-list the small press world was opened up to me and let me get my hands on issues by some of the most talented people creating comics today.  Not under contract with the big two but pouring their heart, soul & savings into producing stories they love.  That was pretty infectious & I’ve gravitated towards trying to help get some more exposure for the talent in the UK & beyond.

G-Man circa 1985So what about me??  Well…..I’ve been a big comic book fan since an early age as you can see by that photo and an early love for Spider-Man was only the beginning.  Like most people who grew up in the 80’s I lived on a TV fix from re-runs of shows like the 60’s Batman with Adam West and late 70’s shows like The Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno & The Amazing Spider-Man with Nicholas Hammond.  All drawing me into the fantastic world of comics that they were influenced by…….I quickly found out which shops in my local area sold some sort of comic book that I could lose myself in and saved as much money as I could to keep these characters alive in these inventive battles of good vs evil.  I drew my favourite characters too and while I wasn’t great…..that was just another aspect that helped me immerse myself in the worlds that entertained me and sparked my creative side into my own  “What if’s?”  In many ways I’m still that 5 year-old kid only with two adult-sized Spidey outfits and the same love for the stories within the many paneled pages of comic books.

Gary aka G-Man @gjwatson85 

Fiona Watson PhotographyThankfully while this hobby of mine has grown I’ve been fortunate enough to have my wife along side me as I travel the country visiting cons.  Something we can share but even more of a gain for me and the Comics Anonymous site itself is the fact that she’s a talented photographer…..capturing some amazing shots of me bumbling a question to a big name from the comic book world or snapping a shot of the stalls, creators & cosplayers that attend the events we’ve been to.

She primarily focuses on Weddings, portraits & commercial photo’s though and she’s available for event bookings over at her website.

Fiona @fwatsonphotos

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  1. This is Tom McAdam from Broadcast Comics. Thanks so much for the amazingly well-written review. Kieren is a legend and the team and I are so so proud of him for this achievement. We’ve got so much planned for Diamond and the world in which this story takes place. All I can say is stay tuned and JOIN THE BROADCAST!


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