Ghost Island #2

The first issue of Joseph Oliveira’s Ghost Island was a great opener packed with potential and with the third issue hitting Kickstarter recently I was due a catch-up on that second issue to see how things were progressing.

After the first issue brought together a varied mix of characters that were in receipt of an invitation to the mystery island, the clash of personalities gave it the charged atmosphere you’d expect and while this issue has a bit of a focus on our psychic Josh it really begins to develop all the characters within the group.

Josh’s past is a key element to building the tension around him as it seeps into the whole group and as the reasons behind their invite to the island gradually becomes clear, the reveal of what’s planned is really starting to take hold.  While Joseph did a great intro in the first issue it’s this second issue that emphasises the craft he is pouring into the world of Ghost Island.

He’s joined by artist Anabela Turlione again and she adds the same level of depth & detail to the pages that helps solidify the risks and threat that now surrounds the group but in this issue the art seems to veer into a bit more of a cartoony vibe in places.  That element actually helps give the whole world a skewed sense of reality which ends up being a gain for the story as a whole.  Joseph’s lettering adds the final touches to what feels like a fuller story so he’s got more than enough to contend with to get that story across without flooding the pages with text.  That cover from Chris Shehan gets a nod too as it’s a perfect representation of the story that’s developing inside.  The title continues to be a dark & sinister blend with an intriguing range of plots that are working well together around that central story of ghosts & islands…..can’t wait for issue #3.

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You can get hold of the next issue and the story so far through the latest campaign on the link below:

Ghost Island #3 Kickstarter



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