Bubbles O’Seven in Dr O


The answer to the age-old question “How do you breathe life into the Spy genre?” may well be answered with Bubbles O’Seven from Bounce Comics and although it’s one that’s been hidden away in my reading pile for what seems like ages……it seemed like the right time to rectify that.

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Sliced Quarterly #1-4 and Kickstarter


Editor Ken Reynolds kicked off a new title that would see him put together a mix of creators that could take on a new challenge he had set out.

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Dave Cook’s Vessels #2 hits Kickstarter

Vessels #2

The opening issue of Dave Cook’s Vessels proved to be an impressive addition to the Card Shark Comics series of titles and while a successful Kickstarter brought that first issue to life, it’s gone from strength to strength as the word has got out.

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G-Man talks to Matt Hardy of Mad Robot Comics


Cadavers from Mad Robot Comics is cruising through the Kickstarter for its second issue and after a stellar opening issue I was lucky enough to catch up with writer Matt Hardy to find out what to expect from this issue & beyond.

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