Kickstarter Korner – Ghost Island #3

Ghost Island from Afterlight Comics has recently relaunched a short 14-day campaign for its newest issue and after loving issues #1 & #2, it was an easy one to back again.

What’s it about:

Ghost Island is a six issue black & white supernatural horror comic series. “Dubbed as Jurassic Park but with Ghosts” On a remote island a wealthy entrepreneur has secretly created a theme park full of imprisoned ghosts he has collected over time.

Who’s involved:

Creator/writer Joseph Oliviera is joined by artist Anabela Turlione for the third issue as they ease the series into its midway point.

What’s on offer in the rewards:

You can get your usual digital & print copies of the latest issue of Ghost Island as well as the previous two but you can also get hold of the other Afterlight titles (digital & print) that are available too.  On top of that there are prints, Ghost Island T-shirt, original art and even the offer of lettering duties for your next project.  Loads of choice.

The campaign has just eased through its target but you’ve still got time to jump on-board:

Ghost Island #3 Kickstarter


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