A Comic A Day in May – Day 8: Ghost Island #3 & 4

The Afterlight Comics banner created by Joseph Oliveira has seen a steady run of titles grow an impressive back catalogue and it was about time I returned to one of his first creations – Ghost Island.

While issues #1 & 2 introduced the Jurassic Park-like island where ghosts are roaming free it was the cast of misfit characters with their own dark sides that became the foundation of a unique take on what could be done with the revelation that ghosts exist.

In this third issue we get much more of a back story on just how messed up central character Josh Evans’ life has been and why he was such a focus for the owner of the dark island.  The torment behind Josh highlights a shared gain from him visiting the island but the broader cast are really starting to have their own impact on the developing truth we are being drip fed about the idea of the island itself.

The fourth issues sees events begin to unravel with the body count slowly becoming larger & larger as a result of the whole cast being tormented by their own past and the ghosts that have started to increase their influence on the receptive cast.  Things weave from the spooky, to the surprising and Joey is starting to really take his plot up a level in the process.

There are some scenes that begin to get overwhelmed by the amount of dialogue & narration that’s been introduced but the fact that he’s lettering seems to keep that from disrupting the flow too much.  Outwith those few scenes there is some great reveals and the ability for this title to surprise keeps the intrigue there for this midsection and the growing momentum for the endgame he’s building towards.

Anabela Turlione is doing some slick work with the art too as she connects with the dark edges of each character and the overall themes that have kept the plot ticking over nicely.  There is a minor quibble with some of perspective in a couple of panels where it seems to skew the characters but the sinister feel to the key scenes and the rage & emotion she adds to the characters faces becomes invaluable.  Those are some great covers from Adrian Manuel Garcia too.

A story that seems to constantly improve with every issue in every way and a title that shows off just how much Afterlight Comics has to contribute to the indie world.  More of this please……MORE, MORE, MORE!!

You can get hold of the fifth issue and the story so far over on Joey’s latest campaign through the link below:

Ghost Island #5 Kickstarter

You can also catch-up on all the Afterlight Comics progress on the website, Facebook & Twitter pages.  Ghost Island has it’s own Facebook page too and you can get the first two issues through the Comichaus website & app.



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