Ghost Island #1


Creator/writer Joseph Oliveira brings us the opening issue of his creation where we see a mysterious invitation spark the gathering of a select group to experience the haunting surroundings of Ghost Island.

Taking centre stage in this issue is troubled psychic Joshua Evans and with a harrowing example of his gift/curse opening this issue it’s soon a clear indication of the type of nightmare Josh finds himself in.


He’s clambering to get back to some sort of “normal” existence but as the past hangs over him like a dark cloud he’s given the chance to escape to the island at just the right time.  Arriving with his fellow travellers they are all swept up with the ideas of their rich host who has big plans for the island and the inhabitants he has gathered to haunt it.


The island visitors are an interesting mix of Joe Public, the press, psychics & more and while it might come across as a bit of a ghostly Jurassic Park type of idea it’s still early on in a title which does have a ton of potential behind it.

Anabela Turlione does a great job on art with an impressive mix of angles on her panels and the greyscale work she puts into the book lets a definite variation develop between the every day struggles and the far more sinister moments.   The story & art combine well with just enough suspense and subtle hints at what’s to come to leave you wanting to read more and that’s got to be seen as a win for a first issue.  Bring on issue #2!!

You can get hold of this issue and find out more about it over on their website or Facebook page.  You can also see the creators at next months True Believers Comic Festival (4th February)



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