Hollow Girl: Identity TPB


Luke Cooper’s Hollow Girl found a home over at Insane Comics and I caught up on the recent collected edition Identity which includes the previously released four issues, three new shorts and all in the chronological order.

Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell

The first short tells the story of our anti-hero’s origin in a reverse slasher movie style as the tides are turned on the bad guys and our central character deals out her own specific sense of justice.

I Am No One

I Am No One

A gloriously dark first issue of Hollow Girl that I reviewed back in 2015 and re-reading this in this context brings with it a much higher level of understanding to the character. The same relentless sense of anger & revenge are on show and Luke knows how to charge his characters with that dark sense of power and release as the body count grows.

One More Family Secret

One More Family Secret

This darker than dark short begins to fill in some of the past as Hannah visits her Cancer-stricken father to see how he is.  At least that’s how it initially begins when in fact there’s a much darker reason for her being there – cue the arrival of Kat aka Hollow Girl and the sisters family reunion with their ill father brings this fractured families past out of the depths and the cancer is the least of good old Dad’s problems.



Hollow Girl steps in as a small time thief aims to act out his next job on an unsuspecting shop worker but the petty criminal has a violent past that is overdue a dose of revenge.  No punches pulled here from Hollow Girl as she takes care of things in the only way she knows how and nothing seems to be getting in her way.

Father s


Initially a two part release this begins to show the real detail of Kat’s road to becoming Hollow Girl as abuse at the hands of the men she trusted growing up still affect her mind set today.  There are always others ready to take advantage of Kat too and we see exactly that happen as her advisor brings his message from God as they work through a list of who needs to be shown the light.  Manipulation, heartache, pain are all poured into our main character and it’s it this point we get a real glimpse of the innocence in her that’s been chipped away again & again.

Mr Twitch

Mr Twitch


Luke fills in the blanks in Hollow Girl’s origin as the early cycle of abuse & counselling brings about the contact with the dead spirits that need her particular skill set to gain their own revenge.  It’s also where see her being converted from innocent victim to trained killer as her first kills give her a sense of release that she’s perhaps never had before.

Luke’s Hollow Girl character is probably one of the darkest characters you’ll read about in the small press but an anti-hero like this still manages to have a glimmer of hope in there somewhere.  In Kat’s case it’s the notion that the revenge she’s dealing out is helping her claw her back from the bring of an abusive madness that’s seeped into her very soul and while she’s ultimately dealing out death there is a strong sense of purpose to every action she makes.  The body count rises as Luke writes and draws a gloriously dark world for Hollow Girl to exist in but given the history of the character we get across this set of stories it’s no wonder she’s performed the actions she has.  As strong a case to see more of Luke’s work as you’ll ever see as both a writer & artist combo he manages to slap you across the face with some harsh realities surrounding his characters before putting your hand in hers and making you help her do what she’s gotta do……by which time you’re fully willing to chip in. Dark but beautiful work.

You can get your hands on Hollow Girl over on the Insane comics online store in print or digitally.  You can also check out what else they have on offer through their Website, Facebook & Twitter.  You can also catch up with Luke over on Facebook & Twitter too.



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