A Comic a Day in May – Day 9: Hollow Girl:I Am No One TPB

Hollow Girl

Luke Cooper will be aiming to release his latest creation, Hollow Girl through a Kickstarter starting today and after seeing his work in the likes of GoodCopBadCop, Amazing and Fantastic Tales and Wolf Country (with Jim Alexander) – I was lucky enough to get an early look at what we can expect.

Katherine (Kat) Harlow is the central character for this release and while we open with her latest revenge killing the flashback’s we drift in and out of give us far more depth to the character than I was first expecting.  Having killed her parents & then spent some time in a prison/psych ward….the authorities are trying their best to understand & help Kat come back to reality.  That effort is all in vain though as her lack of remorse gives an insight into the darker side of Kat that’s clearly in control.


There are some brutal scenes in this as Kat ultimately becomes a vessel for the souls of the dead to gain their revenge from the other side……something that Kat is more than willing to help with.  A young girl becoming an ultra-violent vigilante gives this the disturbed edge that Luke is aiming for…..the revenge/psychotic elements mix well to give this an edgy, disturbing feel to it with artwork to match.  Luke’s black & white art suits the themes well and helps capture the sinister elements of our central character rendering the evil she faces with a patient, exact execution.

Face off

The action set pieces contrast well with the darker psychological moments and this all raises questions for our central character and we’re just as lost as we try and decipher whether it’s madness or reality that’s the driving force behind her…..and after you’re finished – you’re still not 100% sure.

This initially felt like a blend of The Crow, The Punisher & maybe Simon Dark with it’s dark themes but it feels fresher than the re-imagining of another character and more the beginning of a brand new anti-hero to get behind.  Smart visuals with some of the past/present sequences blending well with a minor tweak offering a link between the past and present.  This all helps us gain more insight into Kat and while I’m not sure whether I’m on her side or not – that anti-hero vibe is just as cool as it always is.This all leaves you hoping for more from Luke and his Hollow Girl and that hopefully all starts with his Kickstarter campaign.

Check out Luke’s website or the Hollow Girl Facebook page for more info on that Kickstarter and further updates on what more Luke is working on.



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