Planet of Daemons #2

Planet of Daemons #2

In among this weeks releases will be the second issue of Planet of Daemons from Amigo Comics and after an impressive opening issue that left us on a cliffhanger I was keen to get a read and see where Kevin Gunstone was going to take us.

We open where we left off as Amos witnesses the hatching of a Succubus Queen and while his immediate reaction to this is the same as any other evil he encounters, it’s the beginning of a much more complex element to this particular plot line.  A sense of familiarity develops between the two and the intrinsic link leaks through to that second plot line of 1600’s New England.


The battle against evil continues on both fronts and while the occult realm plot feels like the most action packed, The risks are inevitably more obvious for Amos and his new unexpected ally, the Succubus Queen and they have a host of enemies to face off against.  The mystic elements are all a bit more unpredictable and the charged pages really pack energy with the art from Paul Moore & colours from Stefan Mrkonjic.

Amos - 1600s

The momentum begins to creep into the American witch hunts plot which is possibly because of a more obvious link between the two stories but every bit of information now becomes part of a bigger overall story.  It’s a slick way to introduce the link from Kevin and this second issue ups the game in pretty much every aspect that was introduced in #1.  There’s a lot of reading in the issue too, so the momentum from the action is balanced out into a stunning second issue.  Great characters, great story and with the worlds merging it just feels like the scale is bigger than I was first expecting…..can’t wait for that third issue now.

You can check out the Amigo Comics website, Facebook & Twitter pages for this and their other titles as well as the Planet of Daemons Facebook page for more updates on the next issues.



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