Royal Descent Volume 1: Anarchy in the UK TPB

Vital Publishing released the fourth issue of it’s Royal Descent title just recently and they’ll be following that up with a collected trade soon too, so it seemed like a perfect time to catch-up & revisit a book that already impressed.

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A Comic A Day in May – Day 6: The Kill Screen Hardcover Collected Edition


The four single issues of The Kill Screen from writer Mike Garley, artist Josh Sherwell & letterer Mike Stock quickly became one of my favourite Indie releases in recent years (maybe ever) and it was a matter of time before I revisited it in the collected edition……plus……it’s a hardback!!!

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Sunstone Volume 3 TPB


Top Cow/Image recently released the third volume of Stjepan Šejić’s Sunstone which has proven to be something of a revelation in its grown-up approach to the basics of love, life & sex, and while this may well reside in the “Romance/Erotica” category for its content there’s no denying that this is far from a title that should be hidden in any niche.

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