Metal Made Flesh : Infection


The first three parts of Metal Made Flesh was one of the best reads I discovered on the small press tables at London Super Comic Con 2014……so the chance to get hold of more was an added bonus.

Infection nestles in between Made and Flesh & gives us a bit more background on the character Mud as he works his way into some trouble on another gang’s territory and we ultimately find out that there’s far more to this character than meets the eye.  His methods are direct when dealing with the other gang but he’s more than your average street dweller as he recovers & returns to his next step on his daily grind.

The switch from novella to pure comic gives this a slightly quicker feel to it as you’d expect meaning it’s over before you know it but the extra detail just prompts you to re-read this and Metal Made Flesh again to see where the extra detail slots into the whole universe that writer Jermey Biggs & artist Simeon Astin have created.

MMF Infection

The writing is just as tight from Jeremy in Infection as it was in those first three books but it takes a backseat as the comic format really lets Simeon’s art take centre stage and shine as a result.  Intricate detail and some glorious, otherworldly/ethereal images pack a punch as the story plays out.  As those first books left me wanting more……this extra release just adds to that and although the issue itself felt like a quick read – it’s definitely a worthy addition to emphasize the already fascinating world they’ve created.

There’s a Kickstarter underway now for the second edition of the collected Metal Made Flesh which finishes on the 10th February – go check that out now for more info.

You can get hold of Infection as well as the Metal Made Flesh releases on the Subversive Comics store.  You can also catch them at the True Believers Comic Festival on 7th February & at other events throughout the year – keep up-to-date with what’s next over on their Facebook page.



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