Salvagers #1


Another recent find was Salvagers from Think Alike Productions – a sci-fi yarn that sees any habitable planets connected through trade where any abandoned ship becomes fair game.

The motley crew of Teagan, Bill Roenick, Ty’r & Brigby are all set for their latest find as they aim to grab what they can scavenge from another deserted ship cast adrift in deep space.  Of course, this was NEVER going to be that easy and they’re soon fending off the attacks of the ships robot’s as they protect a crucial member of the ships remaining crew…..that leads to laser blasts and a hard time for the Salvagers but they are working as a team to get through another tight spot.

Salvagers under attack!

Robert Salley brings an impressive freshness to a typical sci-fi tale as his very different characters form the type of lovable rogues we’ve already seen on the likes of Guardian of the Galaxy or even Red Dwarf.  Opening with a fairly high paced issue is a great ice-breaker and the glimpse of each team member and they’re response to their current situation lets you see that this is the “norm” for them.

The artwork from George Acevedo on cover & interiors and Delfine Siobhan-Kanashil on colours adds that essential layer of detail to match the quirky story from Robert.  The characters & space surroundings are all given life fairly effortlessly by the team & that’s an instant pull for this and future issues.  Sci-fi suspense and all-out action keep this trucking along at a fair old pace but this somehow doesn’t make the book feel like too quick a read which is down to the creative’s team balance across the panel layout and the scenes involved.

Go grab this and more over at the Salvagers online shop & keep tabs on more updates over on the Salvagers Facebook page too.




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