Metal Made Flesh: The Final Piece of Me

MMF - The Final Piece of Me

Cy Dethan & Gary Erskine team-up for some new Metal Made Flesh material spinning out of the amazingly successful Kickstarter for volume two and this stretch goal reward tries to capture the same vibe as Simeon Aston & Jeremy Biggs’ original concept.

This story revolves around a familiar face from the very first issue released as Izobel Vice finds herself in a strange situation with a virus attacking her cybernetic system and the world closing in around her.  The engineer’s table she finds herself strapped to could well have been her final resting place but with a head full of feverish memories and the haunting sentient AI that seems to be acting as her spirit guide.  It’s a slow, claustrophobic beginning from the new creative team but the smart use of panoramic panels across the first few pages builds tension and panic which forces Izobel into action……and action is EXACTLY what we get.

Izobel Vice

The push for survival gets her off that damn engineers slab and into the big wide world where her pursuers are trying their best to make their money off what remains of Izobel but that’s not something she’s going to let happen.  The world opens up as soon as she escapes with bolder page layouts and what feels like an epic landscape that she’ll hopefully be able to escape into……but does she??  You’re going to have to go read it 😀


While we may have already a seen MMF move from illustrated novella in it’s original three part release to an all-comic affair in Infection it’s always good to see how a title fairs when a new creative team embark on adding to the mythology.  In this release we see Cy & Gary combining unbelievably well as they take an established character to new heights which pays homage to the vision Jeremy & Simeon have.  The change of art style & pacing is pitch perfect and allows the same cyberpunk world to grow around events that almost seem out of control but are kept in check with a great story from Cy.  Nic Wilkinson keeps the lettering tight throughout and adds another element to a strong creative team and the cover from Simeon is the icing on the cake with his iconic style capturing his iconic creations well…..while the new team does him (& Jeremy) proud.

You can get hold of the Metal Made Flesh titles and more over on the Subversive Comics store and you can keep up-to-date with what’s next over on their Facebook page.



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