Spotlight on……Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil

MMF Blood and Oil

After a phenomenal start in Metal Made Flesh and then Metal Made Flesh: Infection I’m pleased to say that Cyberpunk is back as the creative team behind the title is growing with the ambitious start to the next chapter set to hit kickstarter in the next couple of weeks

MMF - Phase 2

Put down your holophone, grab your deck and jack into the mainframe because cyberpunk is back! Blood and Oil is a brand new graphic novel and follow up to the critically acclaimed Metal Made Flesh, a cyberpunk space opera set in the distant future, that has been described as “Bladerunner meets Game of Thrones”.

Humanity has been chased to the brink of extinction by an unrelenting foe called the “Veul” and has been forced to take refuge in Tuaoni, a sprawling city on the black market trading hub Equan Yas. Forced into extreme poverty, and treated as the lowest of the low by the planet’s inhabitants, humans are forced to do whatever it takes to survive. The series centres on three humans, the cold, merciless cyborg Izobel Vice who loses more of her humanity with each passing upgrade; the psychopathic assassin Phaeon Nex, whose consciousness is trapped in the gradually failing body of a synthetic child and Kalibos, a spoilt human prince who loses everything when he is mutated into a hideous war machine.

In addition to art from creator Simeon Aston, Blood and Oil will also feature 3 of the best comic artists from the UK scene: Gary Erskine (Judge Dredd, Dan Dare, Hellblazer, The Authority, The Filth, Star Wars), Kev Crossley (Judge Dredd, Tomb Raider, ABC Warriors and concept artist for Alien vs. Predator and Star Wars)and introducing Phil Buckenham (Rented… to the dead) whose artwork has just blown us away.

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Jeremy Biggs will be returning to writing and editing duties and will be joined by Emmy award nominated Mike Garley (Collider, Kill Screen, Dead Roots, Eponymous, Samurai Slasher, Adventure Time, Wallace and Gromit) and Cy Dethan (Starship troopers, The Indifference Engine, White Knuckle, Cancertown).

The Kickstarter for Blood and Oil will be going live in Mid August, but if you want to find out more then you can sign up on the website or keep tabs over on the Facebook page.


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