Whatever Happened to the Archetype?

Whatever Happened to the Archetype? by Stu Perrins recently got its release through Markosia so it was a good time to dive in & see what it was all about.

Inside we get to see the twilight years of an aging hero that used to soar the skies but the weight of history can’t counter the mythical aura that surrounds him.  That in itself leads to the retelling of stories that have to navigate the skepticism they’re met with but the devil is in the detail in the case of The Archetype aka Christopher Quin.

A life of crime fighting and saving the world are behind him but the echoes from his daring days and a much more intricate look at the man behind the hero is given a chance to really play naturally.  The bittersweet edge that Stu has injected into the story gives this a new dimension to a character that’s flawed but much more relatable as a result so in the end this feels like the journey a real-life hero would have to face while trying to balance both sides of his psyche.

Stu builds the story around the different aspects of Christopher’s life and that gives it an exceptional level of depth to explore with each page turn.  The real-life ups & downs flow in and out of the story as things progress and the history seeps into the pages nicely.  He’s joined by Ron Gravelle on art duties who brings a CGI-feel to the pages that I wasn’t too sure of to begin with but as the level of detail became a key part of his work it gave the world the credibility that Stu’s story demanded.  The one thing with the art that dipped on a few panels was the facial expressions which had a jarring feeling to them of being otherworldly but the realism across the rest of the book shone through to hammer home & match the story that was unravelling.

Stu & Ron have managed to bring a new Superhero to comic pages that actually offers something new, albeit that it’s wrapped up in a tale of reminiscing about past escapades, there’s still promise & potential that the duties of a hero paired with living life that helps inject a sense of freshness to the whole thing.  The detail is crucial in hooking you into the realities of that life and all before the glimpse of action are contrasted against the heartbreak of what could have been mixed with what actually evolved in each & every situation.  Gripping from the beginning, it’s a story that has many layers to offer which offers up enough surprises to keep you intrigued until the final page.

Check out the Markosia website for more on where to get your hands on a copy and keep tabs on what else they are have in the works through their Facebook & Twitter pages.  You can also check-in with Stu over on Twitter too.



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