Chrono-Cat #1

With a second issue releasing this week I jumped at the chance to get a review copy of the opening issue of Stu Perrins’ Chrono-Cat and get myself fully introduced to his latest creation.

It drops us head first into the latest adventure of the titular hero and we’re swept up in his quest from the very first glimpse as he tracks down an enemy that’s threatening to mess with the timeline.  His swift actions bring him back to the modern day with the hope that everything remains the same and with a much needed rest firmly in his sights there’s no rest for our hero as the next adventure swiftly begins.

It’s here that we’re given a rundown of Chrono-Cat’s origin and as the pieces all start to fit together on what he’s doing & what’s the driving force behind all that, it’s ever clearer that the past is coming after him in more ways than one.  That cliffhanger is a clear indication of what we can expect next and hints at just how many different directions there are available for your new favourite feline.

Stu’s got a fun premise on his hands here which isn’t completely surprising if you’ve read any of his other work (Megatomic Battle Rabbit, Whatever happened to the Archetype?, etc) and while I’m never really sure if the use of a flashback is the way to go, it works well here as the story construction really gives a sense of how strong this creation is.  That central character has all the positive qualities you can imagine in a hero and with a balance of action and background on the support team & the origin it’s clear that as opening issues go this is among the strongest I’ve read I think.

That’s only possible with the art to back things up and Armando Zanker goes above & beyond to make sure that the visuals deliver where the story sets things up.  It looks and feels like it’s got the buzz of adventure injected into it with the added bonus that you can sense the same energy of potential in what’s unfolding as well as what else could happen around our hero, his supporters & the enemies he faces.  The vibrant colours emphasizes that adventure vibe and it’s hard not to get swept up in everything that’s going on. There are a few pages that look & feel a little word heavy for what is a solid all-ages adventure story but letterer Ron Gravelle does a great job in trying to limit the impact that has.  This level of control allows the quality of the plot to get away with it fairly easily so that it doesn’t end up being something that drags it down or slows the flow. 

The intricacies of Chrono-Cat’s world are well set out in this first issue and while it’s planned as a three-parter it’s got more than enough potential & scope to go beyond that type of run. Fun & cartoony, this one ends up being another Perrins/Markosia release that brings with it the weight of an instant classic and then the visual aesthetic to match that.  That combination helps make sure that Chrono-Cat ends up being an all ages title that can be fully enjoyed by adults & children alike……more of this please.

You can get your hands on this and the latest issue of Chrono-Cat over on Comixology and keep up to date with Markosia & the creators through the links below:

Markosia: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Stu: Twitter

Armando: Twitter

Ron: Website, Twitter



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