G-Man talks to Stu Perrins about Whatever Happened to the Archetype!?

Having recently reviewed Stu Perrins Whatever Happened to the Archetype!? it seemed like just the right time to delve a bit deeper on it with some burning questions I had.  Cue the interview…….

What was the main inspiration for ‘Whatever Happened to the Archetype?!’ ?

Thirteen years ago, this week, my Grandad passed away and it was only after he’d died that I found out that in his youth he’d been a motorcycle stunt driver- jumping through burning hoops, that sort of thing. It blew my mind, that one, I had no idea and two, that my old flat cap wearing old Grandad was some sort of Evel Knieval tearing around doing amazing things on a bike. Then it occurred to me, why am I surprised? He wasn’t always my Grandad; he had a life before I came along and started filling nappies whilst sat on his lap. That was the spark that influenced the whole story, the idea that in the eyes of society when someone reaches old age they cease to exist to have ideas, or be creative. That all the crazy outlandish stuff we’ve all done our grandparents did it decades before and probably better.

How did the creative team come together?

I wish I had some amazing story of how I met Ron and started working together like we met when we both had a mutual dream that Stan Lee came to us and said that we were the future of comics and this story would change lives. But the truth is I was looking for someone for the comic on Twitter and Ron messaged me with some samples and I thought ‘Wow, these kick ass.’ He’s also got a broad knowledge of comic history and he’s worked on a ton of comics and he’s also done some stage design for Lady Gaga and stuff, so a really talented and fascinating bloke.

It’s got a very unique style to the visuals – was that the idea?

Yeah, Ron’s style is what I’d call a modernisation of the early Flash Gordon comics, which is exactly what this book needed. That said, whatever book I’m working on is very much a collaborative process, so I always tell artists to go with their gut and see what works, and Ron’s stuff works, very well.

Have you had the story in mind for a while?

Yeah, its not the kind if story I wanted to rush, it had to mean something.

There’s a much deeper message about legacy & growing old here than many other superhero themed books – was that something you had in mind from the beginning?

Absolutely, I try to include some kind of social commentary subplot within my stories.. There has to be something else and with this story there is, I think. But with including that kind of stuff you have to give it time and not just rush into it, which I didn’t want to do because not only was this story influenced by my Grandad, it’s also a tribute and one that he deserves.

What’s it been like working with Markosia?

Great, a really professional team of people and an absolute pleasure to work with. When I started writing comics, one of the things on my tick box was getting a book published by Markosia and I’m proud to say they’ve published two books written by me with a third coming soon. Why they’re not mentioned in the same breathe as Image and Dark Horse is beyond me.

What else are you working on just now?

Very soon myself and Israel Huertas have the complete Megatomic Battle Rabbit story also being published by Markosia and I’m currently working on a steam punk space opera epic called ‘Cosmic Debris’ with an incredible artist by the name of Sean Murphy, the stuff he’s coming up with for the book is stunning and I can’t wait for people to see the finished thing. Plus there’s another five stories coming in the future in various stages of completed. Exciting times.

Massive thank you to Stu for taking the time to answer my rambling questions and for giving us an insight into what helped make the book a reality.

Check-in with Stu over on Twitter.  You can also check out the Markosia website for more on where to get your hands on a copy and keep tabs on what else they are have in the works through their Facebook & Twitter pages.


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