A Comic A Day in May – Day 9: Anxiety Me

Anxiety Me by Nicole Bates is a title I’ve seen a number of times before but only recently got my hands on…..so it was about time I had a good look at what was inside.

Nicole lays out an all-too familiar reaction to the world around her as worry enters her regular day-to-day existence and triggers that low feeling where her darkest thoughts take centre stage.  The imagery of a wave of worry heading her way and being lost at sea is an amazingly powerful way to capture the feelings that can overwhelm yo as anxiety & depression take hold and you can tell that Nicole knows exactly how that feels.

The difficulties faced while going through anxiety & depression are shown to be the debilitating forces of nature they are and all while giving them a tangible vibe from the very beginning of this adventure through feelings that weigh you down and cause misery for those around you.  However, the light at the end of the tunnel is there and this ultimately feels like it manages to trigger the acceptance of the key elements that bring on these feelings as well as being able to talk about them openly with a fearless strength that grows from within that central character.

A personal & accurate depiction of a life with anxiety & depression, this proves to be a success on every level that it aims for.  The simplistic art keeps things natural and emphasises the shared experiences that are playing out across this one shot but there’s a sense of calm that manages to steady the ship & hold a sense of hope at its core.  Instantly relatable and thought-provoking, it’s a release that lingers in your mind long after reading and it’s one that I was able to revisit straight-away and connect with just as much second, third or even fourth time around.  Glorious work that I’m sure will resonate with more people than you might expect but we’re all much the better for that shared experience.  LOVE IT!!!

Head over to Nicole’s website for more details on this & her other projects plus head over to her Facebook & Twitter pages for more news.  You can also get hold of Anxiety Me through the Comichaus website or on their app.

Nicole’s new book Leaf is due for release through Fair Sparks Books too, so be sure and check out that over on their website.

You can also catch-up on her work on the Comic Art Festival Podcast that ties in with The Lakes event over on their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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