G-Man talks to Mike Lynch

It feels like I’ve been reading Mike Lynch’s comics forever and with the likes of Nestor, Blackstar, Lynch Mob and more recently Salvage all impressing – we were long overdue a catch-up with some comic questions.

How did you end up working with Martin Greene for Salvage?

I’ve worked with Martin on a few other books, a World War One Anthology book called Wire and Gas and a Vampire/Revenge story called Nestor. Martin is a huge Alien fan and he had the idea of doing a sci-fi/horror book. He told me the idea and I loved it.

Is this the first time you’ve worked on a script for someone else’s story?

No, I’ve worked on a few issues of an all ages comic called Artos for a Dublin based Publisher called Button Press Publications. I’ve also been lucky enough to work on a cross over comic for them called The War of Fal, the trade of that will be released over the Summer.

Was there a lot of back & forth with you and Martin for the story?

There was at the start but we just sat down and worked out what we both wanted to see in the story. I’ve always liked working with other writers on different projects, the back and forth can be great because it can push you to come up with even better ideas.

You have two artists on the book that suits the change in feel of the story – was that intentional?

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Yeah, we had originally planned to self publish the book and so in order not to have a huge gap of time between Part One and Two which can happen a lot. We decided to have two artists work on each Part at the same time. We had used two artists on our first book Nestor and that had really worked out well in terms of the feel of the story. So we just replicated that for Salvage. A slow build up, giving the readers a chance to get to know the characters in part one and then have all hell break loose in part two. Neil’s work very much suited the opening, he did a great job in capturing the vastness of space, the isolation and the claustrophobia that these characters feel in Part One. Anthony’s work was more kinetic and his monster designs for Part Two helped to bring out the chaotic horror that we were after for the second half of the story.

Whats it been like working with Markosia?

It’s been great, they are a very supportive team and have helped us through every step of the publishing process. I’ve self published before and it’s great to have an experienced publisher like Markosia to go to for advice and help.

Will you do any other books with them?

I am, Myself and an artist from Derry by the name of Joe Campbell are working on a new book for them called The Vampires of Lower Bennett Street. It will be the biggest book I’ve worked on so far so I’m very excited to see how it’s received.

Will we see more from the Salvage world?

I suppose that all depends on how well this book is received. We have talked about doing another story set in this world so if people want more then we would be happy to oblige.

What else are you working on just now?

I’m always working away on different projects, I have a few short stories coming out this year from some great anthologies including The Psychedelic Journal, Ruaille Buaille and the 2000ad fanzine Zarjaz.

Get hold of Mike’s latest book Salvage over over Comixology now and grab a physical copy over on Amazon.  Check out Markosia’s websiteFacebook & Twitter pages for details on this and their other titles too.


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