G-Man talks to John Ferguson about Mean City

After getting an early look at the first issue of Mean City from Diamondsteel Comics I caught up with writer John Ferguson to talk all about his latest project.

What was the inspiration for ‘Mean City’?

It was inspired by my love of crime and gangster stories. And the gritty side of my home city, Glasgow. Tarantino’s quirky, wordy, character driven narratives were also an influence.

Is this a story you’ve wanted to write for a while?

It really is. We sold over 15,000 Saltire graphic novels and I love writing Big Blue stuff but finding out if I could create a non superhero comic was always at the back of my mind nagging away. I read a lot of comic books and you realise the limitations within a superhero setting. This book breaks through those limitations.

What can we expect from the next issues of Mean City?

In a word. Twists! It’s gonna be full of surprises. All the characters have flaws and there’s no natural hero so it’s all sass and attitude as the criminal world continues to get taken apart by the vigilante Calamity Malice.

Do you have a favourite character to write in this new series?

Calamity Malice is the funnest character I’ve written. As the series develops, so does her character.

Is there more planned for these characters beyond the 4 issues?

I really hope so. I’d love to write further story arcs set in Mean City. I like the idea of these characters when they were much younger and also telling the tale of some of the quirky peripheral cast. If this series is successful I’ll definitely put pen to paper on further ideas.

Has using Kickstarter been a new challenge for you?

Not really. Other than learning the ropes of how it works. I think it’s a great vehicle for funding a series and judging initial interest.

What else are you working on just now?

Busy, busy right now. On top of completing the Mean City series. New Saltire Graphic Novel, Legend Eternal is finished after two and a half years so that’s our main focus and we think it’s a great sequel. But we’re also publishing a book called Roamer soon and we’re excited about that as it’s a bit different again. It’s the story of a retired soldier travelling across war-torn Europe during a nuclear fallout when he finds a newborn baby.

Writing wise, I’m enjoying scripting a new vampire epic called Vein and a fun-filled teen story called Junkyard Tank.

Thanks to John for taking the time to talk about the new book and you can jump on-board the campaign at the link below:

Mean City Kickstarter

Head over to the Diamond Steel website for all their titles and you can also keep updated with progress over on the Saltire FacebookTwitter pages too.

The team will be in attendance at Dunfermline Comic Con & Edinburgh Comic Con early this year with more con appearances to be announced.


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