Sosmonaut the Cosmonaut #1 – 3

Some titles just grab your attention from the first glimpse at the cover and Sosmonaut the Cosmonaut from Panels Comics seems to have fit that description for me.

It all opens with Sosmo having his current mission brought to an unceremonious end but he’s all set to defy his superiors and take his mission all the way.  That’s the cue for space battles with an alien race, some shuttle problems and then his plan teetering on the edge & close to unravelling at the hands of his captors.

That’s far from the end though and as you continue through the three issues Sosmo takes the aliens on face to face and while he has that ageing hero air about him.  That being said he does have a bold, brash streak in him that gives him a very realistic flaw to his character but that helps endear him to the reader and as he tries his best to get his mission back on track the hints of humour & weight on his shoulders make his struggle all the more engaging.

That’s more than enough to make this a success in its own right as Nathan Langridge builds a great character up over the course of those first few pages and as his plot picks up pace, he nestles Sosmo in a glorious universe of misfits.  The humour hits at just the right moments and Isaac Hoar adds a great vibe to the pages with a style that harks back to the days of the Space Race.

This ends up being an indie release that’s equal parts energetic & poignant and with a constant build-up to the finale in that third issue the writer/artist combo maintains a solid sense of direction.  The only (very) minor quibble for me comes in that third issue where the art veers into a bit more of a cartoony style than the previous two but thankfully it doesn’t disrupt the momentum of the whole series in any way. A great sci-fi yarn!

You can catch-up on Sosmonaut the Cosmonaut and more of the Panels Comics titles over on the website and keep tabs on whats new & their con appearances for the year over on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr.



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