Martin Greene’s story for Salvage got a script from Mike Lynch before being recently released by Markosia and the glimpses here n there over the last few years has meant I was desperate to get hold of a copy as soon as it came out.

It’s a two chapter story of a deep space mission for the Nolan science ship that seems to be going from bad to worse for its crew as technical problems as the harsh surroundings leave them teetering on the edge of survival.  The captain has a steady head on his shoulders though and he’s thinking as fast as he can to save the crew and the ship.  All seems lost until the arrival of the Ridley, an old warship that offers salvation and much more trouble for the crew than they could ever have imagined.

The story is split into two chapters with art duties being picked up by Neil McClements on the first and Anthony O’Neill on the second and given the mood for each section it all seems to work out.  While Neil’s calm & sombre look at space, suits the exploration and the loneliness felt by the crew it’s Anthony’s art that keeps the twists and turns of the plot fully-charged to suit an action-packed fight for survival.  In the end it has the transitional feel of something like Alien into Aliens but the crossover between the two is seamless, allowing the different vibes to flow effortlessly together.

The mix of art styles could have been a major stumbling block but the timing of the change and the momentum built up in the story’s plot keeps things moving steady.  Nikki Foxrobot is on lettering duties across the whole book and helps keep a similar air of consistency as the plot develops in front of the readers eyes to a point where the climax is upon us before we even realise.

A smooth read from cover to cover which manages to juggle the change in art styles at just the right point to give each artist enough time to show off what they can do.  The whole story has some of the most recognizable sci-fi elements to it but its strong characters and momentum shift across the chapters keep things fresh and exciting.

Head over to Comixology now to get a hold of the digital release and the physical copies can be pre-ordered over on Amazon.  You keep tabs on Markosia’s website, Facebook & Twitter pages for details on this and their other titles too.



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