A Comic a Day in May – Day 17: Lynch Mob Volume 1

Lynch Mob

Abandoned Comics founder, Mike Lynch has pulled together some of his early small press work into one collection and having read some of his work in the likes of Nestor & Blackstar – I was keen to read more.

Lynch Mob is perfectly summed up in that cover as it shows the mix of things on offer – with zombie, horror, sci-fi and more combining to great effect.  Most of the material has already seen print before in the likes of FutureQuake, Ri Ra, Zombies Hi, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel & Clint Magazine but it’s only when combined can you see the real spectrum of work Mike has to offer.

Last Call

Opening with The Heist where a group of criminals take advantage of a zombie outbreak it’s just the beginning of Mike’s unique style of writing as he offers up the dark macabre side of life alongside the frantic moments of space exploration in the likes of sci-fi tale 3000 Dollar Second where family and survival are key.  The gritty & almost somber feel to The Last Call goes another step to emphasis the scope of the work he has to offer.

Nestor: The Ripper

These are all short, punchy tales and Mike has paired up with some great artists across them which results in a wide variation of styles to match the stories he wants to tell and the most satisfying thing for me was that each story intrigued me…..something rare for ANY anthology as there’s usually one that falls outside your expectations.  Most pleasing of all is the inclusion of the words “Volume One” on the cover as that surely gives the chance for more in the future.

While I’m keeping tabs on what Abandoned Comics has to offer, I’m also making sure I keep an eye out for more of Mike’s own blend of stories in further anthologies – be that his own or as part of other collections.  If you can get hold of this or any of his other work – you won’t be disappointed.

Keep up to date with what’s next for Mike & Abandoned comics over on the website, Facebook page or on Twitter.



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