G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 13 – Spies

Vital Publishing has always been a great source of horror comics but the release of Spies back in April marked a broadening of what they are looking to offer….and it was a doozy!

John Farman teams up with Jason Mathis to give us a new Spy thriller with all the typical elements we’d expect.  Action-packed set pieces are there, an epic landscape for the story to play out in and all while our central character nestles in the clutches of the very enemy he’s been trying to bring down.  While it weaves a plot that suggests our hero is on the brink of death his calm exterior suggests that he has everything under control and that just oozes a Bond/Bourne level cool that makes you take notice.  Crackling dialogue from John gives this a brilliant momentum while the visuals from Jason ties the world together as things unfold – and as all that goes on it just feels like a new book that’s maybe slipped under some people’s radars but hopefully more will catch-up in time when more of this series hits the shelves.

You can also keep tabs on everything Vital Publishing related on the  websiteFacebook Twitter pages as well as the Spies Facebook page.


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