G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 14 – Tomorrow

BHP Comics released Tomorrow back in April and it was a book that almost slipped under my radar but luckily for me I got my hands on a copy when it was released back in April.

It soon became apparent that this was something very unique and as a story of aging & loneliness wrapped in a world of sci-fi unraveled across the pages – I was hooked.  Jack Lothian’s story is a slow-burning slice of magic as the old lady at the centre of a changing world tries to sustain her typical routine as best she can…..but that proves to be a tough ask.  Teaming up with Garry Mac on art it just makes sense that he would be involved – his art is simple enough to capture the lingering emptiness that’s crept into our central characters lonely days but has enough energy in those pages to flip things on their head.  Sha Nazir & Kirsty Hunter join in the fun with their colour, design & lettering and this haunting tale ends up lingering in your head thanks to every one of its elements.  Smart, bittersweet and engaging…….it’s another stand out release from BHP.

Head over to the BHP online store to order and you can also keep tabs on what’s next from them over on Facebook Twitter.


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