G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 12 – Vanguard

Dan Butcher’s Vanguard has had a stunning run in the volume one & two collections that have been released so far but the web-comic is continuing to impress week on week too.

His fully charged superhero team sees big set pieces explode across the pages as the gears of government grind their way through the political mine-field in the background.  While that’s all going on Dan is weaving sub-plots in that have helped build on his solid foundation and he’s ended up with a world that’s got a bit of everything in it.  The dialogue is on point, the mystery is nestling in the shadows and the risks are real with no one really safe from harm, including those central characters and that’s as ballsy a move as he can take.  Juggling writing, art, lettering and everything else in between its attention to detail is there from the beginning and the constant improvement shows off Dan’s skills at each of those aspects.  I’m a sucker for print but this feels like one of the few comics that can drag me into a digital world…….well played Dan…..well played.

You can keep up to date with all things Vanguard over on Dan’s website where you can also read the story for free and keep an eye out over on the Facebook or Twitter pages to see what’s next.  You should strongly consider taking a look at his Patreon too.


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