A Comic A Day in May – Day 2: Planet of Daemons #3

Issues #1 & 2 of Kevin Gunstone’s Planet of Daemons have already impressed and it was about time that I caught up on the penultimate issue released through Amigo Comics.

The two plot-lines have built up strongly from the beginning as Amos Deathridge tackles both the Salem witch hunts and the daemon horde in both his guises.  The true links between them are gradually becoming more evident as the complex worlds Kevin has created are just starting to show their true form.

The worlds collide and while the grim, Labyrinthian demon world doesn’t seem to differ all that much from the real world as angry mobs make their feelings known.  Earth-bound Amos is fully involved in finding the evil lurking in the sleepy Salem town but his own family are being drawn into the mix and that makes sure there’s a much more personal element developing for our main protagonist.

The pacing is just perfect from Kevin as he eases us through this penultimate issue and while a four issue run could well be the sweet spot for introducing a new world it feels like there’s much more potential in this after just three issues.  Paul Moore’s art and Stefan Mrkonjic’s colours are a brilliant blend for this as well as they seem to give it an old school hue to it that oozes the weight of history and the sinister edge of the grim worlds on both sides of the plot divide.

A whole creative team working together like this can sometimes stumble along the way and while the lettering has changed hands there’s no impact on the momentum to Kevin’s story.  Grim where it needs to be but engaging as hell…..it’s time to countdown to that fourth and final issue.

Check out the Amigo Comics website, Facebook & Twitter pages for this and their other titles as well as the Planet of Daemons Facebook page for more updates on the last issue…….here’s a glimpse at #4 to tide you over until then.



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