Planet of Daemons #1

Planet of Daemons

Kevin Gunstone & Paul Moore team-up on their creation Planet of Daemons released through Amigo Comics and that cover alone sets up what should be an action-packed opening issue.

It takes place in the occult realm of Qliphoth where protagonist Amos Deathridge acts as jailer to the daemons that force their influence onto Earth itself.  Although his main focus in this opening issue of the new four-part series is the pursuit of the Spirit of the War, Count Eligos, there’s a definite feeling of something bigger bubbling under the surface.

PoD - interior 1

While this acts as one strain of the plot the other plotline follows the days of Witch-hunting in New England in the 1600’s as a village ravaged by plague and barren fields turns on one of it’s own who seems to have dodged these hard times.  The flip between the two plots suggests they’re are linked and while that’s not laid out in this first issue, it feels like the intricacies of both threads is something that writer Kevin is keen to keep flowing along under their own steam.  That lack of detail on the connection between the plots may frustrate some but I’m sure that most will be along for the ride as things progress.

PoD - interior 2

The art from Paul, colours from Stefan Mrkonjic & letters from Rob Jones is another aspect that helps grab these two plots and keep them flowing together.  The tones are different between the two with a vivid & lively feel to the hellish lands Amos explores and a muted, historic feel to America of the 1600’s.  That level of detail in the approach to art brings with it a sense of honesty in the stories being told, that they both matter and that the whole creative team are behind that.  There’s a hefty amount of narrative & dialogue to keep under control and again, its something that the creative team keep under control across the whole issue.

As openers go it’s a definite winner and with it’s release today I’m hoping that it’s a sellout – as much for Amigo Comics as the creative team involved.  If this opener does well then I’m sure the remaining issues will do the same.

You can check out the Amigo Comics website, Facebook & Twitter pages for this and their other titles as well as the Planet of Daemons Facebook page for more updates on the next issues.




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