A Comic A Day in May – Day 3: Sinners #3

Simon Birks continues his Blue Fox Comics title with issue three and after a stellar opening issues #1 & #2 we are back on the cross-country adventures of Hope as she finally gets to take a rest…………or does she?

Opening with Hope just trying to get a room for the night it seems that trouble is following her like her own shadow and we’re quickly thrust into a steady stride for the series.  The mysterious elements of this world and what seems like hell are intermingled but there’s no holding back on the grim realities that are being hidden from prying eyes.  The forces in the dark are relentless though and they don’t stay secret for long and it’s Hope herself that seems to be the only one nearby to even attempt to stop them.

This issue perhaps feels a bit more wordy in places in the beginning compared to others but rather than disrupting the momentum too much it only enhances the depth of Hope’s story because after that opening it’s a pretty high paced book.  Feeling like a mix of Supernatural & The X-Files in places, there’s no denying what a strong central character Simon has created.  Feisty and desperately trying to get back to normalcy as soon as possible but it just doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen any time soon and with a twelve issue run planned we’ve got nine more issues to get lost with her.

The artwork from RHStewart has a stunning, gritty feel to it that almost crackles across the panels and that energy is applied through every page with a firm eye on the flow of Simon’s script.  Lyndon White does a great job on lettering, particularly in that opening section and the precise & controlled use of dialogue & narration keeps the main plot and subtle sub-plots bubbling along nicely.  Definitely a title that’s worth getting on-board with now and sticking with until all those 12 issues hit – great stuff from the Blue Fox Comics team.

You can catch up with the creators at the links below:

Simon Birks: Website 

RHStewart: Facebook & Twitter (@RHS_illustrator)

Lyndon White: Website & Twitter (@lyndondraws)

You can also keep up to date with Sinners over on the Facebook & Twitter pages plus you can keep an eye out for the latest news and other titles from Blue Fox Comics on the website, Facebook & Twitter pages too.



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