A Comic A Day in May – Day 5: Boat Volume 1 & Volume 2 Preview


David Lumsden created & directed short film Boat and spinning out of that he brings us Volume 1 of the comic that brings us a bleak world to get lost in.

We find Charlie and his Dad adrift in a bleak flooded world and the quest for survival has them facing each desperate search for land & food with an organized approach to help keep themselves alive.  A mix of flashbacks helps build a connection with the characters but it’s the moments of reaching the depths that the comic takes it’s biggest strides.


The shadowy figures that are out to get our two central characters attack Charlie’s Dad head-on during one of his few ventures onto dry land.  The edge of the seat approach to these moments builds the tension to an exhilarating level which contrasts well with the darker elements of the story and somehow helps to develop a warped sense of hope in the midst of a hopeless situation.  The gut-wrenching twists along the way help separate this from other mainstream post-apocalyptic tales and while there’s a strong comparison with the likes of The Road or The Walking Dead it’s definitely got it’s own unique vibe.


The art provided by Mark Weallans and additional art from Tammy Le Vasan & Andrei Staruiala is exceptionally moody & atmospheric which helps emphasize that connection with the characters and situations they find themselves in.  Overall, it’s a stunning debut issue which makes me want to get a chance to see the short film it’s based on AND the next issue.

Even better news is that Lumsden will be bringing us Volume 02 this year with new artist Marc Olivent (Twisted Dark) on-board to add his style to the growing world of Boat and having seen the impressive sampler for it, it’s going to get better and better.


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You can check out more on the Short-film and comic book tie-in over on the Website or Twitter page.  You can also get hold of the issue over on Comixology now



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