A Comic A Day in May – Day 4: Rok of the Reds #1

Rok_Of_The_Reds_1One of the latest BHP offerings sees comic giants John Wagner & Alan Grant team up to bring us a mashup of football & sci-fi in Rok of the Reds.

In the aftermath of a Moon wipes out Planet disaster we see the remnants of Arkadi light up the intergalactic sky and from the ashes comes the space-outlaw, Rok.  Keen to flee any other survivors he sets course for the other side of the Galaxy in the hope of finding a new world to wreak havoc on.  Meanwhile on Earth, the arrogant footballer Kyle Dixon attempts a cheating dive too many and his latest red card derails the teams chances and brings him flack from the Ref, the boss &the fans alike. His ultimate response to the criticism sees him being suitably OTT as his ego directs his decisions.

ROK_pg9 (2)

That night Kyle descends into a downward spiral and booze mixed with ego brings with it bar room brawls and drink driving.  An attempt to escape the scene sees Kyle’s path cross with Rok’s and the blurred world they find themselves in means that more than their paths cross.


As opening issues go, this is up there with some of the best around and while I wasn’t too sure how a Roy of the Rovers/Sci-Fi crossover would actually work the creative team manage to pull it off with surprising ease.  Wagner & Grant know how to write a great story and build characters within that and they manage to achieve that over a few pages or panels where other writers may well have struggled to nail it over a whole issue or series of issues.  It sets up the rest of the 6-part series well with a surprising end to the first issue and highlights the potential this new title has – kudos to BHP for bringing this together.

Artistically the issue is slick & detailed in it’s approach to both the otherworldly elements, the football action and the aftermath of some interesting set pieces for both characters. Dan Cornwall does a great job with his character designs and layouts which are brought to life with Abby Bulmer’s colours that adds another dimension to a cracking opening issue. Jim Campbell’s lettering adds the finishing touches to a new title that will slide into my “must read” list and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the rest as they are released.

You can get hold of issue #1 over on the BHP online shop now as well as pre-order issues #2 (out July) & #3 (out August).  You can also keep tabs on all things BHP over on their Facebook & Twitter pages too.



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