Boat Volume 2

Boat V2

After an impressive first volume of Boat from David Lumsden he returns with the latest issue as he’s joined by a brand new art team.

While we saw Charlie’s quest for survival with his Dad take a seriously bittersweet turn at the end of the last volume we’re dropped back into the middle of the same bleak world but with far more survivors to consider.  We soon find out that it’s years later as the flashbacks of the events that left him alone still haunt Charlies thoughts but he’s managed to stay alive…….although that’s something that ill never be set in stone.


Caught in the midst of another group of survivors he’s an unknown element for them that they subdue quickly in order to try and contain any unrest while they ALL cling survival & sanity.  The grim situation they all find themselves in feels a lot more hopeful here as David builds a cast we’ll hopefully get to know better as the story progresses. The parallels with the likes of The Walking Dead become much more evident in this second volume but there’s still a fresh feel to it as the pacing seems much more captivating.


It’s a similar story with the art as it becomes a far more detailed affair some amazingly with intricate work from Marc Olivent in comparison to what we saw in that first volume. Tensions build across the pages as Charlie’s predicament & flashbacks to his days after the loss of his father show the type of struggle he’s been through and while the early days of being alone were filled with risks and close-calls the struggle he has come through has real weight which Marc manages to capture with ease.

The end results from David & Marc sees them taking the success from Volume 1 and matching it before slapping you in the face and showing just how much of a step up the story has made.  Tight dialogue and art that crackles with the energy of a great story sees this become crammed with potential and I’m amazed this slipped under my radar for so long – another indie title for my pull list and one that you should strongly consider adding to. yours.

Check out the Boat website for more on this AND the short-film that inspired it.  You can also keep tabs on what’s next over on Twitter and get hold of the issues over on David’s online shop or over on Comixology.

David will also be attending Glasgow Comic Con in July and MCM Scotland in September if  you want to meet the man in person and grab a copy of the Boat too.



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