G-Man’s highlights of 2016: Day 11 – Boat


The short-film-come-comic-book proved to be an extension of the success creator David Lumsden had already seen with the project but to hit the heights across two mediums made this a special release…..especially for an indie.

It’s spin on a tried and tested post-apocalyptic world saw a world overcome with water and a quest for survival that brouht the worst out of those hunting food and salvation where they could find it.  Building on the momentum of the first volume, David was able to explore the world further and the change of artist from Mark Weallans (with additional art from Tammy Le Vasan & Andrei Staruiala) to Marc Olivent kept things running smoothly with a consistent tone across them both.  That solid opening in both (See reviews of volume one & two) brought with it a heap of well-earned praise and the news that we should be seeing more in 2017 makes this a title to keep a firm eye on.


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