A Comic a Day in May – Day 18: Duality


Writer/artist Norrie Millar brings us his latest sci-fi offering in the form of Duality, an intriguing one-shot that’s crammed full of possibilities.

We follow David on his mission in the Icarus where his research mission has just taken a turn with the discovery of an anomaly that needs investigating……this leads us into a timely flashback to see just how complicated his own life has been up to this point.  The complications of relationships pale in comparison with what his discovery brings though as an abandoned ship has him scrambling for the airlock to help out.  All while the ship computer, Matilda rings out in his ears in that familiar Hal-like tone that sounds judgmental & supportive all at once.


The survival of David is the main concern here though and his trip across to the other ship results in a discovery that leaves him deeply confused…….and when the worst happens to his own ship the stranded feeling soon becomes something else with further discoveries made in his new residence.  Things could well have been ended there as a cliffhanger but the further revelations between Matilda & David opens up a world of possibilities to him – both shocking and confusing in equal measure and Norrie’s thinking on a grander scale than what we initially see on the surface.  The vastness of space and the claustrophobic surroundings are a well balanced contrast with David firmly trapped in the middle but the final few pages show that that is only the tip of the iceberg.


Norrie lays out a gloriously subtle story which may include all your classic sci-fi check boxes but the characters on offer and the surprises in the story make this feel like something far fresher than you’d first expect.  Some pages have alot of reading in them but given the depth to the story & the subject matter there’s no sense of it being overly crammed or long winded.  The artwork then adds another layer to that as he captures the detail of the confined space along with the whole universe & beyond to great effect and the changes of mood are captured perfectly in the facial expressions.

A great issue to escape into and while the pacing is spot-on…..I’d be lying if I said there was enough in it……it’s just SO good that the wish for more kicks-in well before the issue comes to an end.  A fantastic sci-fi tale which Millar manages to fit into one issue with a pace & quality that some can’t fit into a whole run of issues….and for a sci-fi/comic book fan like me….that’s just ideal.

You can catch-up with this and Norrie’s other projects through his website, Facebook page or Twitter.



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