A Comic a Day in May – Day 22: Milky #4

After being more than impressed with the opening three issues of Joshua Saxon’s Milky series, I knew I’d be back to see how it all finished up in the final issue.

With all hell breaking loose following that alien invasion the survivors/rebellion are ready to go toe-to-toe with their potential oppressors….if only they can bring Vikinder Singh, the titular Milky, back from his comatose state in time.  The diverse and varied group have their own methods prepared for their next steps and when I say prepared, I mean they’re kinda making it up as they go but with Milky back in the land of the living they’ve got the slimmest of slim chances that things might work out for them.

That enemy is relentless though and while their weakness has been found, it’s the scale and power behind them that means there’s risks for every member that’s willing to fight the good fight for the sake of Crafton Hill Village.  Those risks bring with them casualties along the way that hit like a gut-punch given how invested we are by this point but they act as a catalyst within the others for the fear to fade and the swagger to surface.  Milky in particular, comes to the fore and there’s an air of satisfaction in every smart ass comment he fires in the direction of those aliens…….something that endears him us the reader even more.

Joshua’s story started with the leisurely pacing of the Village surroundings but as the quest for love, friendship & survival became a form reality for that core group the connections between them lit the blue touch paper of excitement.  The overbearing alien invaders seemed to be the most likely conquerors of the Village and then the world but their complacency helped ensure that the initial outcome was less likely.  A strong cast, with a diverse and relatable team spirit made this a page turner from the beginning and it never really looked back.

The art from Gian Fernando & colours from DC Alonso brought the whole world to life as it captured the sheer size of the task at hand and with some well placed double-page spreads, a keen eye on detail and a colour pallet that perfectly captured the tone of the events that were unfolding, it was clear that from a creative stand point there was the same team unit formed to create the book as there was on the pages.  Kudos to Joshua for his lettering again here too as there’s a lot of work to do with some of the wordier sections but he kept the energetic flow intact throughout.  It’s another damn fine cover from Unai Ortiz De Zarate on this issue too so the first glimpse of each issue became a hook in itself.

The idea of an alien invasion in a small Village where the milkman ends up making a difference initially had a “WTF?” air about it but as things unfold in Milky and as the cast is formed it all makes perfect sense.  If anything, that’s part of the success in this particular series where a varied cast feel like they fit together so well and that’s down to the work Joshua puts into the plot & world-building in all four issues.  That aim is brought to life with the art on show and that all becomes in-tune from the very first page of the first issue.  The risks, the losses and the will to continue fighting are all well placed and what could have been a run-of-the-mill alien invasion story becomes a four issue series that could easily spawn more with the potential that’s been distilled into it.  Here’s hoping we see more.

You can check out the titles website for more info and head over to the Milky Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages to keep track of what’s next.  You can also get the collected edition that was released through Markosia on Amazon or over on Comixology.



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