A Comic a Day in May – Day 21: Mind Hacker

Luke Halsall’s newest release has just hit the funding trail and I was lucky enough to get an early look at what this one-shot was going to be like.

It follows the life and times of Dr Clive Eagles as he goes about his day job transplanting personalities for those that want to escape from themselves for a bit.  Office life creeps into his daily routine thanks to his boss, and mummified demi-god, Doris, but he hates having his focus taken away from making money with as little effort as possible.  The “suggested” training for Clive is now the latest thing for him to try and avoid and he needs some help to dodge that bullet.

Up steps current clients Mr Jones & Roy in all their swapped personality glory, 90-year-old party animal Marisha, and permanently dull Danny and the whole crew are quickly on-board to help Clive ease his life.  Things escalate for them all before they know it and the quest to avoid training is underway with more crazy twists & turns than you can imagine.

Luke does a solid job in opening up the issue with that Mind Hacker premise and with Clive there’s a definite mix of like & hate generated for him in how he goes about things but that’s more than enough of a hook to keep you into this story.  The problem comes once things veer off into the other things on that central character’s “to do list” and while the supporting cast are equally well formed, it feels like a jumble of too many plot threads vying for centre stage.  Breaking the fourth wall is quite a good way of piecing those ideas together and involving the reader more but it teeters on the edge of over use as things progress.

Chris Manson’s art is impressive as hell given the variations in the characters themselves and the fourth wall elements are dealt with in a casual, matter-of-fact way from the ones who are involved in that.  The expressions & the sense of fun across the faces in those comedy moments are captured well too and the colouring suits the overall tone of the book really nicely.

Mind Hacker finishes up as an issue that’s packed with a ton of potential and there’s no doubt that it could be the beginning of a series or Universe that stories could feed off easily.  There does need to be a bit of streamlining in the story elements being used and with a tighter control over the breaking of the fourth wall there’s no reason why this couldn’t go on to bigger and better things.  The characters are interesting & varied enough to sustain your attention for sure and it looks slick with Luke & Chris performing like a well-oiled machine at bringing things to life on that page with enough humour, crazy ideas & surprising events to continue with Clive and his group of allies beyond this one-shot.

You can check out more about this series on it’s own Facebook page and you can catch-up with the creators through the following links:

Luke: Twitter

Chris: Website, Twitter

You can also get your hands on this opening issue through the campaign link below:

Mind Hacker Kickstarter



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