Milky #1-3

Joshua Saxon’s four-part series Milky has just eased passed the target for it’s penultimate issue over on Kickstarter and I was overdue a catch-up on this one.

It tells the story of small-town Britain as the residents of the Crafton Hill village wake-up to find aliens have caused all kinds of crazy stuff in the place they call home.  Mild-mannered milkman Vikinder Singh, known as Milky to the village residents, finds himself front & centre in the fight against invasion and with the men of the village seemingly being wiped out while the women are kidnapped, it’s time for the him to make a stand.

Although his “stand” would preferably be a run and hide, it’s the thought of his local pharmacist & love interest Lucy Bell in the hands of the alien invaders that drives him & his milk float into the midst of their enemies.  By a complete stroke of luck the weakness of the alien race seems to be milk and with their leader Lord Moofu being increasingly frustrated with both Milky as the thorn in his side and with Lucy for deflecting his romantic interest – the battle is escalating quicker than anyone could expect.

The ramshackle group of survivors are more than willing to fight the good fight and Joshua’s multi-layered plots in both the battle on the pages and within the backgrounds of it’s characters brings his title a finely balanced mix of humour, adventure, romance & thriller.  The good & bad members of the story are attention grabbing elements that become crucial to the success of the series and premise itself.

The winding story and the diversity of the main group of survivors are an additional factor that really hammers home what the story has to offer and then the combination of Gian Fernando & DC Alonso takes things to a whole new level.  The momentum of the invasion & panic that ensues could have become lost and got all blurry but the detail in the art from GIan and the panel layout in particular, helped keep the flow and detail in full view.  Bolstering that with DC’s colours that keep things fully charged from first page to last in each issue as the human & alien’s start to go head-to-head.  There’s an extra nod to Unai Ortiz De Zarate on cover duties too.

That whole creative team combine well in each of these issues and the pacing means each part builds to a slick cliffhanger leaving us all set-up for an impressive finale.  There’s still time to jump on-board the campaign at the link below and i’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed in this indie comic hidden gem.

Milky #1-3 Kickstarter

Outside the campaign you can sign up to the mailing list over on the Milky website and you can check out the Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages for all the up-to-date news on all things Milky.



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