A Comic a Day in May – Day 8: Reanimator Incorporated Chapter One

Retelling a Lovecraftian classic would be challenging enough for some but Andy Perry & Lyndon White have chosen to take that a step further with a modern take on ‘Herbert West Reanimator’ that goes further to ask some big life questions.

It centres around Chief Scientist Herbert West as the demands of working for a corporation settle in hard as he chases the ability to bring the dead back to life.  His scientific work & the pressures that brings leach out into what resembles a family life but his single-mindedness fuels the cracks that appear in his head and the relationships around him.  He feels like he’s getting closer and closer and when the first glimpse of success comes his obsession only grows and grows.

His family problems are escalated alongside that obsession and while at loggerheads with both his wife & son you can see that the family unit is taking the brunt of his progress.  His son’s own search for a scientific discovery overlaps with his fathers but the fallout quickly brings with it success & tragedy that eases this opening chapter out to an impressive finale.

It feels like Andy has managed to balance a whole set of different plots quite comfortably as the turmoil of family life, the expectation of scientific discovery and the bigger questions around religion, life, death & beyond are held stable around that central protagonist.  The double-meaning behind the ‘Incorporated’ part of the title is not wasted here either as the mix of ideas & of the corporation element to the story shows the overarching aim of telling a multi-layered story the ends up making you think about those bigger questions.

Lyndon’s art plays a crucial part in balancing out all those different elements too and as the detail and his colours in particular, breathe life into those varied plots, it’s clear that the visuals help tell the story.  The darkness of death, the light of life and the murky mix of unexplained & intriguing otherworldly dimensions are all laid out in their expansive glory and this first chapter is a vital beginning to build from in the future chapters.

This is a new project to get excited about and that message is punctuated across every page with it’s pacing, it’s attention to detail and the glowing pages of numerous worlds that cross life, death and everything in between.  The first chapter isn’t even out yet and I want the next one…….you win Andy & Lyndon…….you win!

Take a look at the other work form both creators through the links listed below:

Andy – websiteFacebookTwitter.

Lyndon – website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You can get ready to jump on-board the campaign through the campaign’s preview link:

Reanimator Incorporated Kickstarter



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