A Comic a Day in May – Day 7: Mulp #5

The global adventure in Mulp by Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton has already been a whirlwind so diving into the final issue was well overdue.

The anthropomorphic rollercoaster of a story has already delivered so much but as the Sceptre they’ve been hunting gets closer & closer to their grasp it’s clear that they’re going to have to fight to keep it from getting into the wrong hands.  There’s the added layer of detail introduced here with murals on the wall giving a deeper rooted sense of history with the artifacts that have been in their sights and we get to see just how significant the sceptre itself truly is.

An ancient civilization and a modern gang of thieves sit on either side of our core group of intrepid explorers and with risk closing in & near-death experiences still snapping at their heels the adventure continues in what ends up being a suitably epic finale.  One where the tangible threats they have arounding them are shown to be as dangerous as you might expect through until the very end…..something I won’t spoil here but it’s safe to say that the entire five issue journey has been worth it.

Matt & Sara have drawn me in form the very first issue of Mulp and with each step along the way proving to be another part of a well-planned & thought out adventure, it’s clear that the world they’ve created and the characters within it are the beating heart of one of the slickest all-ages books around.  The detail in the art is crucial in building the interest in the series and with well placed cliffhangers ensuring the next page turn can’t come quick enough it’s safe to say that this has “Re-read me” written all over it.  As before there’s a nod to letterer Jim Campbell who does a stellar job in managing the dialogue & narration to help sustain the flow of the story and the creative team all know how to pull their weight in this one.

The mice of Mulp are gloriously individual but the connection between them all is as natural as any other relationships you’d find which in the end means we can care about what’s happening with exceptional ease.  Great story, great art and a great book pretty much sums up how I’ve found this one and when it’s one that I’ve followed from the beginning it highlights the depth in both the title from Improper Books and in the indie world itself.

Head over to the Improper Books website to catch-up on this & the other titles they have plus keep tabs on the Facebook & Twitter pages for more news from them.  You can also check out the Mulp website & Twitter page too.



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