A Comic A Day in May – Day 29: Maurice and the Metal #1

There’s a world of amazing comics out there but every now and again there’s a title that seems to cover a host of things that you can connect with……cue the first issue of Aaron Sammut’s Maurice and the Metal.

Set in the 1980’s we see the set-up for a concert spill over to rivalry between the sound guys and then an accident that holds the key to what else will unfold in this opening issue.  That eases us into the life of Maurice as a 17-year-old metalhead with a yearning to make a go of the music business and keep metal music alive…….of course, that would need a decent band to be nailing it in the rehearsal room and his band ain’t near that.

That musical outlet in his life is something he’s desperate to cling to and with his home life (a rocky relationship with mother & sister in particular) causing some serious teen turmoil there’s no doubt that he needs that escapism.  Things kick-off in a whole new direction though with the discovery that he’s now able to exert super-strength while the metal tunes blare out through his Walkman and into his very being.  The link between those opening events are now apparent and the surprise that hits Maurice is blending with his excitement to become an infectious element in the story.

The story from Aaron has me hooked and the visuals from artist Jesse Hamm keeps the story moving well with a mix of energy-filled artwork & bold panel layouts.  The only thing I’d like to see more of is 80’s references but that’s purely from a personal point of view given I’m already invested in the other elements of the book.  Great cover from Jesse too.

The 1980’s setting, the drummer as our central hero and the fact the story is in comic book form is more than enough to get me on-board but it’s the quality of the setup and the execution of the story & art that have me intrigued enough to want to know what the next issues will bring.  A great start to a series I’d like to see more of straight-away and here’s hoping that this opening issues kicks off a steady flow of Maurice and his looming adventures.

Head over to the title’s website for more info and keep an eye on the Facebook & Instagram pages for what’s next.  You can also get hold of the issue through the online store or over on Comixology.

If you’re in the Brisbane area this weekend then swing by the launch – check out the link below for more info:

Maurice and the Metal Facebook Event



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