A Comic A Day in May – Day 30: Morgan’s Organs #1 & 2

Daniel Brodie’s Morgan’s Organs started life as an idea for a TV show but in order to bring it to life he changed his focus to converting it into his own comic project……time to delve inside the human body!!

The first issue introduces to Morgan and his group of friends as he settles into the 60th day of a sexual dry spell and the main thing to blame for this mess he seems to have found himself in is his own brain.  There’s a revolt bubbling under the surface though as the main organ impacted by this dry spell is trying desperately to rally the other organs to help him change the plan of action that’s keeping things less physical than he’d like.  It’s a winding road with his organs in turmoil and his friends on his back but the absurdity of watching Morgan’s insides trying to work out a new plan has more than enough laughs to make this series feel like a welcome change of pace.

The second issue finds Morgan in the midst of a game of chance with his friends and the roll of a dice has some big consequences for him & his insides.  The obvious way out of this plan, at least to his reactive brain, is to swallow the dice and hide the outcome.  Cue the internal games of his internal organs and it’s another rollercoaster for our titular central character with more than enough gags hitting their mark.

Daniel has had the spark of an idea and has absolutely run with it and the outcome is an intriguing mix of cringe-worthy situations and laugh out loud gags that keep the events moving along nicely.  Robert Jennex does a stellar job on keeping the absurd elements tied together with the type of comedy-filled at that helps you smile before the gag hits and while he’s joined by colourist Tyler Kelting on the second issue the consistency is there in plain site.

For us UK based comic fans there’s something familiar in this story as we’ve grown up with the Numskulls from the Beano & the Dandy but the more risque nature of the stories here and the cringing that goes with it makes this an impressive slice of escapism.  It’s a bit OTT in places across these two issues but it gets away with that by being so well structured and through approaching things with a sense of fun that keeps us all on the same page…..and laughing while we’re there.

Head over to the Morgan’s Organs website for more details on the series so far and keep up to date with it’s progress over on Facebook & Twitter.

You can also catch-up with the newest issue and the story so far through the latest campaign link below:

Morgan’s Organs #3 Kickstarter



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