Comic Creators Anonymous – Steven D Quirke

Steven D Quirke bills himself as “dreamer, designer and all round mythomane” and that seems about right to me.  He’s also the main man behind The Gee Bees Comic Presents producing “The Grand Tour“; “The Meditating Businessman“; “Captain’s Orders“; “Zentrification” and “Prodigal” with more to come…..

What was the first title you worked on?

First comic I wrote was a little five pager that was going to go in an anthology from a group called “The Upstarts“. A little “Grindhouse” revenge piece with the exceptionally talented Mike Bunt (currently doing amazing things with Jon Lock on book four of “Afterlife Inc.“) who did the art, lettering and design, called “Drawing Blood“. Alas the anthology never happened as none of the other stories got made.

How has your work changed since then?

I’m more sure of myself. The script for “Drawing Blood” went to “draft 5” while the first part of “The Grand Tour” went to a “draft 7” before I eventually sent it to Mike Stock and Kel Winser respectively. Now it goes from my head to rough notes to the screen to the artist. So about 3 versions, maybe a forth.

Who are your main influences?

Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kieron Gillen, Jonathan Hickman, 2,000AD, The Avengers (the “Mrs Peel we’re needed” ones), The Prisoner, Danger Diabolik, Doctor Who, If….

What comics are you reading just now?

Anything by Jon Lock, Mike Garley (comic book dads) and Nich Angel.  Looking forward to seeing the rest of Sarah Millman’s “NPC Tea” which is just divine. Of the major three as of typing (late April) I’m getting about 30 titles a month, I know….

What’s the best thing about creating comics?

It’s a close tie between the world building and the fact you can do any story in this medium. As long as I can describe the pictures in my head to such an extent that I inspire similar pictures in the head of the artist then we can do anything. Literary anything.

What are you working on just now?

I’m working on the script for the second issue of “Captain’s Orders” for Kel and the fourth issue of “Prodigal” which we hope to announce an artist for very soon (if you are an artist and would like to join our collaboration do get in touch). I also have another story tickling my brain called “Department L” or possibly “Dept. L” which has nothing to do with the world of The Gee Bees but is drip feeding me ideas which I’m furiously scribbling down.

Where can we see you next?

I’ll be at Small Press day at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham on the 8th July; London Super Comic-Con at Islington Business Centre over the August Bank Holiday, Friday to Sunday; Birmingham ICE on the 9th September and finally (at time of typing) Thought Bubble in Leeds in September (23rd – 24th).

You can check out The Gee Bees Comic website, Facebook & Twitter pages for more info on releases and appearances.  You can also get hold of The Grand Tour & The Meditating Businessman over on Comixology.


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