Comic Creators Anonymous – Steven D Quirke

Steven D Quirke bills himself as “dreamer, designer and all round mythomane” and that seems about right to me.  He’s also the main man behind The Gee Bees Comic Presents producing “The Grand Tour“; “The Meditating Businessman“; “Captain’s Orders“; “Zentrification” and “Prodigal” with more to come…..

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Comics Anonymous talks to Chris Sides

Chris Sides

Having recently caught up with Dark Matter Volume 1 and then getting an early look at Volume 2 I caught up with Chris Sides ahead of it’s launch this coming weekend to fire some questions his way about the book, what’s next and the Close 2 Immortality group.

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Future Primitive Collected Edition at LSCC

Future Primitive Hardcover

Markosia Enterprise will be releasing a collected edition of Future Primitive by Kevin Gunstone & Slobodan Jovanovic at this year’s London Super Comic Con and after being impressed by the issues #1 & #2 so far……getting a full run of the title will be on my ‘to do’ list.

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Close 2 Immortality at LSCC 2016

Close 2 Immortality

London Super Comic Con 2016 will see a new group of creators take shape as they aim to make their mark on the Indie scene under the guise of Close 2 Immortality.  These like-minded individuals will work together to boost the comics they pour their heart & soul into…………and as a massive Indie comic fan this has got all kinds of potential!!

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A look ahead to…..London Super Comic Con 2016


With just about four months to go the countdown for London Super Comic Con 2016 is well and truly underway and with the recent announcements of the first two waves of guests… looks like the team behind the event are aiming high.

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Comics Anonymous at London Super Comic Con 2015


I recently attended London Super Comic Con which has quickly become one of the most regular entries in my calender for the year as it kicks off the Con season for me since it started back in 2012.  It has improved each year as 2013 & 2014 built on the success bringing an impressive roster of guests coupled with a firm focus on the indie comics from around the country and so much more.

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