The Gee Bees present The Grand Tour


There are a few titles out there that I’ve always known about or heard of and it seems to take an age for me to catch-up on them – The Gee Bees Comic is one of them.

It follows The Foundation and it’s on-going and seemingly endless battle to stand in the way of Maximillian and his Grotesques as they aim to cause as much harm on the world as they can – be that now or in the past.  Standing in the way of the evil plots is Gideon and his assistant Katrina who have had namesakes involved in the same battle for generations…..something we find out fairly quickly in this collected edition by Steven D. Quirke.


The battle takes them across the world and through time as they do whatever it takes to keep tabs on the evil plans of Maximillian and that time travelling element gives this an extra layer of potential than your bog-standard spy thriller.  It ends up being a mix of James Bond meets Quantum Leap as our central heroes are given guidance by their namesakes and the most famous people across history.  It’s a quintessentially British book that has the same sensibilities as you might expect but the ability to mix that up with famous people from history, famous landmarks across the globe and key moments that shaped history gives this a real air of familiarity about it that gives it an instant charm that draws you in.


The plot twists are dropped in well as the back and forth through time works well to build around some slick set pieces.  Cliches start to creep into it but with a comparison with the likes of James Bond it actually adds an element of homage to the title that works well.  Ultimately it’s a tale of good vs evil but with a strong male & female lead and the different variations we see of them through time – it’s a brilliant breakaway from being an all out copy of many stories we’ve seen before.

Steven has teamed up with Kel Winser on art & Mike Stock on lettering and after some initial concerns on detail and consistency the book settles into a sketchy style that helps emphasise the energy and pace of the story well.  It captures the set pieces extremely well as they tackle monsters, gunfights, landmarks and time travel without really breaking their stride and in the end I was pretty much cursing myself for next reading this sooner but I’m glad I did and I’m keen to read what’s next for The Foundation.

You can get your hands on this and the latest issues over on The Gee Bees Comics website and you can keep tabs on what’s next & con appearances through their Facebook & Twitter.



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